Be the pilot of your own luxury driving experience!

Imagine yourself in a great company, driving under a blue sky among the unique landscapes and scents of Sicily. Sinuous curves revealing cities and historical routes, citrus trees, vineyards, olive groves. The wind is in your face and unmistakable sensation of freedom and joy of the life fills your mind and body. Exactly experiences like these and the passion for Sicily and sport cars inspired the birth of GTS or Gran Tour in Sicily.

We are a new hi-end Tour Operator that offers exploring Sicily on the board of Porsche 718 Boxster GTS. We propose an exclusive holiday that includes driving tours on the legendary race circuits in the wonderful Sicily, such as the Monte Pellegrino Hill Climb (Palermo) 1908 or the Targa Florio circuit, created by Vincenzo Florio in 1905. Also, an accommodation in the finest hotels, all this accompanied with the best service, top Sicilian cuisine and full immersion in the history by visiting timeless places.

During the tour you will also have the access to an innovative GTS Application (available from June 2019 on Apple and Android devices), used as Tour Guide, navigation and client assistance 24/7, with augmented reality tool on Targa Florio circuit, showing holograms and 3D reconstructions.

All this to make your Grand Tour in Sicily unforgettable switch-off wonderland experience.