Hill Climb Experience



- Your Porsche 718 GTS will be delivered by our Private Driving Concierge at the Hotel 

- Visit of Sanctuary Monte Pellegrino 

- Visit of Mondello 

- Lunch 

- Car drop off at RF Villa Igiea 


Driving experience itinerary: 

RF Villa Igiea - Grand Hotel Villa Igiea - Monte Pellegrino - Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia

- Nature Reserve Park of Favorita - Mondello- RF Villa Igiea 


Driving distance: 40 km 

Driving time: 1,5 hours without stops 

 Suggested Lifestyle experiences 

Enjoy one of our out-of-the-box suggested lifestyle experiences 

- A private visit of a historical noble palace, welcomed by the owners (Palermo) 

- A dancing lesson of historical dancing of the 19th Century inspired to the popular “The Leopard” film (Palermo) 

-Exclusive visit of a unique private Sicilian Ceramic Collection (Palermo) 

-Explore the Backstage of one of the majestic “Massimo”Opera Theatre in Europe (Palermo) 

-Visit to the lively “Mercato del Capo” followed by street food light lunch (Palermo) 

Suggested Eno-gastronomic experiences 

Lunch stop during your circuit: 

- Lunch at panoramic restaurant overlooking Palermo seaside 

Monte Pellegrino is a beautiful promontory that rises on Palermo, and one of the more ancient symbols of motorsport in the world. This is where the famous Monte Pellegrino Hill Climb circuit starts, the first uphill car race dating back to 1908 created by Vincenzo Florio; here in 1950, Tazio Nuvolari ran his last race. 

Once a destination for racing enthusiasts who in the past would gather here for the event. Over the years, the event has been growing, and touching sacred places like the Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia (the saint patron of Palermo). The Hill Climb event began positioning itself for beauty, timed to happen just after the Targa Florio. 

Goethe named Monte Pellegrino the most beautiful headland in the world, as it overlooks the City of Palermo on one side, and a spectacular downhill with a view of the enchanting beach of Mondello on the other. 

The Nature Reserve Park of Favorita. The historic Favorita Park Circuit was the first of the two rounds in Palermo, in the paths of the park four editions of the Targa Florio where held from 1937 to 1940, where around 150 four-wheeled jewels paraded from all over the world: Ferrari, Lotus, Maserati, Porsche, Fiat, Abarth, Lancia and others. Favorita is also the largest park in Italy that was once the "Real estate of the Favorita", created by King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, who arrived in Sicily while escaping from the Napoleonic troops in Naples. 

Mondello is a small seaside resort with a wonderful beach just a short ride from the centre of the Sicilian capital Palermo. Mondello is more than just a beach resort; it's an education in Sicilian custom, rituals and adolescent bonding- the beach is long and curving, made of soft pale sand sloping very gently into the turquoise sea. 

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