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Your Sportcar GTS will be delivered by our Private Driving Concierge at the Hotel, then: 

- Selinunte

- Marsala Winery

- Lunch

- Car drop off at Verdura Resort

Suggested Lifestyle experiences

Enjoy one of our out-of-the-box suggested lifestyle experiences

-Discover the Greek temple of Selinunte (Selinunte)

- Visit one of the most historical Marsala Winery and taste local typical products (Marsala)

-Enjoy a refreshment stop in one of the best sun spot by Marsala Salt Pants

Suggested Eno-gastronomic experiences

Lunch stop during your circuit:

-Rustic and Local Restaurant offering genuine local cuisine (Marsala)

Driving experience itinerary: RF Verdura Resort - Selinunte - Marsala

- Le saline di Marsala - RF Verdura Resort

Driving distance: 180 km

Driving time: 2 hours 51 min

without stops

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It is the largest Archaeological area in Europe. Where myth, legend, history, culture meets. A coffer of

treasures far away millenia yet still alive, right here. 270 hectares that tell about one of the most

flourishing classical civilizations of the Mediterranean area. A rich story that claim still to be discovered,

sought after by tourists as well as researchers and academics from all over the world.

7 Temples, some in good condition, built according to a strict Doric order, the oldest Greek architectural

style. There are still sanctuaries, necropolis, the caves of Cusa and all the places of interest present

within the Archaeological Park.


Located in front of the Egadi Islands, Marsala is famous all over the world for its wine.

This city has witnessed the departure of Garibaldi and his thousand companions conquering Italy

and it has known several dominations: Greek, Spanish, Normans, Swabians, Angevins and


The urban architecture reflects these manifold civilizations mixing together Baroque elements with

the Arabian style and Spanish decorations.

Founded initially by the Phoenicians who called the city Lilybaeum, that is to say the city in front of

Libia, the current name of Marsala (Marsa-Alì = port of Alì) was chosen by the Arabs.

The city of Marsala keeps some fascinating pearls: an amazing seafront characterized by hundreds

of aligned palm trees, the salt-works, their typical windmills and the famous stagnone (big pond)

that include the island of Mothia.

Marsala Salt Pans

The salt pans of Marsala represent the famous white and blue landscape. This is the route of

the salt, where small and large companies carry out the Millenary activity of the "cultivation"

of salt. The salt pans, still active, produce an exceptional salt, thanks to a system of dams that

create small lagoons, which are then dried by the sun. Young and old People have worked side

by side for centuries in this magical place. At sunset, the sun turns the water red, that

captivates your heart that will leave a unique taste of Sicily.

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